Joe your scarf is lovely and I am looking forward to seeing the Teddy Bear! Check #RavelryAccessibility on twitter. The political decision last year generated a heavy response and media attention. Especially with people prodding them with sharp sticks. (I don’t however think that you should have the same response for a knitting site as for other issues and I don’t think I ever implied that you should. And I find it outrageous that you would equate fight for civil rights to the denial of access to a knitting web site. Co-founder of It’s been home and a connection to the knitting community I no longer have in person. You are as important to Ravelry as we, the staff, are. If you have an issue with what I wrote today, you’re welcome to comment with a dissenting point of view. But once someone reasonably points out where I’m wrong, I change. I also agree with Elaine that those who have a physical problem have an option. 15 . I can see why people are swinging between being upset and angry. I’ve been kind of freaked out by the response to the change and am appreciative of you taking time to examine the situation. (How’s that for wishy-washy LOL). Seems to me that that when a company destroys one venue and basically controls what knitters have access to they do bear some responsibility to keep their site comfortable and easy for all to use. If you don’t like it go elsewhere!! I can’t imagine you’d want anyone to tolerate white supremacy as a belief, for instance. I didn’t find it intuitive. Flame throwers in e-mails and comments won’t be treated very kindly. There’s been interesting talk on twitter about how in craft circles it can feel like business owners are your friends; and how that relationship can be damaging in both directions. October 15, 2020 - 2020. A grown person would never make that equivalency to a person who’s blog was called “Queer Joe”. Love how you handle everyone, and all the requests, complaints and whatnot!!! But I am a fan of the web site and the recent Ravelry response to users. Politics infiltrates every aspect of our lives, whether we want it or not. If you’re this frail you need to be in a hospitalized setting. I 100% agree! I am leaving Ravelry <> There is a knitting website called Ravelry who have, knowingly, hosted a very hateful thread about me. I LOVE this garment. I’m looking forward to the day when I meet up with you in person, maybe at the NJ sheep and wool festival or at an event where you’re a vendor. The HAL Computer on the back wall there thinks Cassidy should take a stress pill and think things over. And crickets; nothing. Is it a monopoly when it’s free? Hair Fürer? December 2nd, 2020 by & filed under Uncategorized. I look forward to your thoughts as much as your creative endeavors. Knitting Skills Proficiency Tutorial – Circular Cable Needles, the pattern Bear (Knit a Teddy) by Sarah Gasson, Annual Holiday Gift List for Yarn Crafters. As of March 2020, Ravelry had almost 9 million registered users, and approximately 1 million monthly active users. She is ashamed and sincerely sorry. Cassidy looks fabulous made in wool, alpaca, cotton or blends using popular worsted gauge yarns. It’s nice to hear from someone about what they went through. ... Jasmin has finished and blocked her (RAVELRY LINK) The Betty and Judy Lodge Sweater, ... Cassidy cardigan, and Bandit cardigan. One point that has not been discussed and only mentioned briefly by one other person is the monopoly that Ravelry has. By curtailing Cassidy’s exposure to ‘us,’, she protects her and her valuable work regardless of applied labels like ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ Her response halts further hurt on both sides. There was only one change I didn’t like. Apparently this is not possible as nothing has changed, and the staff has offered actual proof that nothing has changed. Thank you for this post. I find Ravelry to be an incredibly useful tool. Discussions around accessibility, inclusion, readability and the ADA are common.